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Death panels now openly discussed


Opinion piece discussing the need to allocate health resources

US runs TV ads to calm Pakistan tensions – results: increase in protest & violence

US runs TV ads to calm Pakistan tensions – Asia – Al Jazeera English

This didn’t work as Pakistan moved to create a holiday so that protests could take place and 17 people have been killed today.  We need to reevaluate US foreign policy

Death toll rises in Pakistan video protests – Central & South Asia – Al Jazeera English

Romney on the Fed and US Debt

It’s nice to have a Presidential candidate who understands the economy and the risk of printing money.

News Articles for 9/13/12

Speech by Rep Gohmert from Texas at the US House in response to Libya and Egyptian Embassy Attacks

Libya attack represents challenge for Obama

After attack, Obama says Egypt neither friend nor foe

Attacks on Embassies coordinated

US Embassy in Yemen attacked

Obama vs. Netanyahu: What’s behing the latest U.S.-Isreal tension

News Articles for 9/12/12 Afternoon Edition

More protests at US Embassies expected


Officials say that the embassy attack in Libya was coordinated


Obama turns is back on questions about Libyan attack being an attack of war


Romney addresses the attacks in Libya


Obama to meet with Egyptian President at UN General Assembly – unwilling to meet with Israel Prime Minister

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