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News for 9/28

Administration lied to the American people about the Libya attack when the details were known


France to tax the rich at 75% for those earning over 1 million Euros and 45% for those earning above 150,000 euros.


George Soros donates $1.5 million to pro-Obama super PAC


Death panels now openly discussed


Opinion piece discussing the need to allocate health resources

Even the NY Times sees Obama’s Failed Foreign Policy

The New York Times states the failed Foreign Policy of Obama in the Middle East




US runs TV ads to calm Pakistan tensions – results: increase in protest & violence

US runs TV ads to calm Pakistan tensions – Asia – Al Jazeera English

This didn’t work as Pakistan moved to create a holiday so that protests could take place and 17 people have been killed today.  We need to reevaluate US foreign policy

Death toll rises in Pakistan video protests – Central & South Asia – Al Jazeera English

Romney on the Fed and US Debt

It’s nice to have a Presidential candidate who understands the economy and the risk of printing money.

Everyone’s Printing Money!

The US isn’t the only country printing money – Japan and the UK are printing and others are planning to start printing.



Freedom of Speech being Attacked

These days it seems like Freedom of Speech is under constant  attack.

New Orleans arresting Christians for witnessing on Bourbon St.


Salmon Rushdie says that free speech is under threat from religious extremists

Free Speech in the age of YouTube from Foreign Policy


Breaking News! Reported that the US in Negotiations to release the Blind Sheikh

Glen Beck commented that Egypt would demand the Blind Sheikh’s release: this is a priority for the Muslim Brotherhood, who is now in control of Egypt.  Watch for more reporting on this.


Breaking News – German Embassy in Sudan Burned by Protestors

For full details click here: http://www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?id=285124

News Articles for 9/14/12

Krauthammer commentary on Obama’s policy with Iran and how it impacts Israel

Peter Schiff Commentary on QE3 and what it means for you

US warned of embassy attacks but did not act

Protests at US Embassies spreads from Egypt and Yemen to Iraq, Tehran, Qatar, Malaysia

QE3 will make the Fed “Look Like Fools Again” says Jim Rogers


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